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Last week a furniture repairman was by to repair a minor chip in my coffee table. The table was just about a year old as is the rest of my furniture. While he was here I complained to him that all my furniture is dull and no longer has that showroom shine that I appreciate. He suggested your Polyshield Furniture Polish. He then applied it to the coffee table, I was very impressed with the shine it produced in just a few buffs with his cloth. He stated that the furniture store uses your product on all of its furniture displays. I have purchased two separate retail furniture polishes that come highly recommended, and neither have provided the shine like Polyshield polish in just a matter of a few buffs. Leslie W., NJ, 12/13/1994

I use Polyshield Furniture Polish to clean my black lacquer bedroom set and my stereo system cabinet. I am very satisfied with the results. Julia D., MA, 1/25/1995

While working with (a worldwide furniture company) in Austin, TX Friday afternoon, we inspected a cherry high shine cocktail table that had several scratches on top. The merchandising manager requested a 50% discount to sell as is. I presented my Polyshield Furniture Polish and suggested that I demonstrate it for him and the touch-up manager on the table. The touch-up manager tried to repair the scratches first with his products but never was able to repair the scratches. After completing my demonstration with Polyshield Furniture Polish, the scratches disappeared and the merchandising manager put the table back on the floor to sell at full price. They were so impressed that they are going to place a large order. Jim T. (Polyshield Distributor), TX, 1/28/1995

My beautiful Millenium table had candle wax on it. I spoke to (a manager) at Polyshield, and he helped me easily remove the candle wax from my table. People like (the Polyshield manager) who give something and expect nothing in return are the kind of people a company should be most proud of. Doris H., TX, 12/29/1998

I just wanted to let you guys know that in 1990 I had owned an antique white 1976 Monte Carlo and had applied approximately 30-50 coats of Polyshield Car Polish to my car over the course of 3 years and was very pleased with the performance of the product.  As time went by and other automotive purchases had been made the ’76 Monte found a resting place in a decommissioned state.  After 5-6 years of sitting and accumulating tree sap, bird relics and other undesirable paint coatings it was evident that it became time to part with my once favored ride.  In preparation for sale it was time to pay attention to the appearance of this horribly neglected car once again.  At first observation, the once glimmering antique white paint was covered entirely by a black film from trunk to hood.  The next step was the decision to use a putty knife or a wash mitt for my initial strike.  I opted for the wash mitt and with a spray of the garden hose and the use of no soap I sprayed the hood down with water and to my surprise the black coating wiped off with one swipe!!!!! Absolutely amazing. Scott D., KS, 6/25/2005

My family owns a Limousine business in Iowa and we had a gentleman come wash and wax our limousines.  He gave us a 16 oz. sample of Polyshield Car Polish, and we have fallen in love with the shine that it leaves on the vehicles. The more coats of Polyshield Car Polish the richer the color turns out. Dustin K., IA, 6/12/2006

I received a bottle of your car leather cleaner product. I found it to be the best on the market. Connie R., NV, 12/16/2006

I have been using Polyshield Car Polish for years and my car always looks shiny new. I wouldn’t use anything else. Brad Z., MS, 7/13/2008

I found an old leather jacket in my mother’s attic that I remember looked beautiful years ago. But the jacket was moldy smelling, dirty, old, and dried out. My husband told me to try using his Polyshield leather cleaners to see what happens. I first used the Leather and Vinyl Cleaner and I was so impressed that it removed all of the dirt and stains. It actually looked great. Then I used the Leather Life and it restored the jacket to almost brand new condition. I couldn’t believe that it was no longer dried out. It looked fantastic. I threw the jacket in the dryer for a few minutes with a dryer sheet and the little remaining smell disappeared. Thank you Polyshield for helping to restore my mother’s beautiful jacket to the beautiful condition that I remember it. I love it. Ruth G., VA, 10/01/2008

I always use the Polyshield X-Staticizing spray on my gloss piano. It removes all of the grime and fingerprints and keeps the dust away. There is nothing else out there that can protect my piano and make it shine so brightly and long. I would like to order the large refill size bottle. Janice R., SC, 4/19/2009

I will never use any other car polishes than the Polyshield Pre Cleaner and Car Polish. It is amazing how they clean my car so thoroughly and then makes it shine so much. I know my engine will go before my paint ever dulls. Romeo D., CT, 8/05/2010

When he moved, my friend gave me his bottles of all of your car products. I used all of them on my aging T-Bird. I am so happy with the results. I can’t believe how much better my car looks. It actually looks new again. This stuff is so much better than anything else I ever used. Bryan P., FL, 5/10/2011

Using Polyshield on my 7 year old pickup truck only for a year and a half, has people asking if it’s a new truck. I have over 60 coats on a black truck, and the factory paint shines so much it looks wet. The more you put on the better it protects and shines. Bill J., KS, 4/2/2012

Gentlemen, recently I tried your products and wanted to express that I am extremely satisfied with the end results. My wife and I have owned a classic Mustang for several years. It has the original paint with white leather upholstery. I am always searching for a product that minimizes the time of application and has show quality results. The Polyshield products that you offer met those qualifications for me. We also own two daily drivers that we maintain and I have used your products on both cars with the same results. It seems that I have, through the years, tried nearly every product on the market. I have discovered that your Polyshield product–car wash to polish–is superior to any other product I have ever used from the ease of application to the finished show ready look that I expect.  Mike D., IN, 7/14/2012

Once I heard about the triple punch benefits of the Polyshield Spray Glaze, I decided to give it a try on my Harley Fat Boy. Because I have used Polyshield Car Polish many times in the past, I knew that the Spray Glaze would give my bike the bright shine and great protection that it claims.  But, I wasn’t quite a believer that it could actually prevent static and ward off road dust, which every biker knows is the main cause of dirty bikes.  Last weekend, a bunch of buddies and I went for one of our last rides of the summer, and when we made it back to our rallying point everyone noticed how clean my bike was compared to their dirty and dusty bikes.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, and all my friends told me they were going to start using your Spray Glaze too.  It’s absolutely incredible that this stuff really repels road dirt and keeps motorcycles clean during and after a long road trip. Brian S., CT, 9/09/2012

Soon after purchasing your products back in April, we washed and ‘polished’ our travel trailer applying two coats of the Polyshield Shieldcoat polish. In early May, we took our RV on a two week road trip to Iowa and back, amassing quite a collection of bugs and road dirt, especially on the front cap of our rig. Unfortunately, we did not have time to wash the RV until about a week and a half ago. Anyway, we were absolutely amazed at how easily the baked on bugs and dirt washed off. It was almost effortless compared to the elbow grease required prior to the use of your line of products. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are and that, going forward, we plan to use the Polyshield products exclusively on all of our vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. In addition, we tell everyone who will listen about how wonderful your products are. Susan W., FL, 7/24/2013