Amazing shine and protection restoration using Polyshield


In 1987, Polyshield Products Inc. was incorporated in Delaware and established its corporate headquarters in New Jersey by a group of car care and detailing enthusiasts who were looking for better shine and protection qualities than those afforded by the typical car waxes found in the marketplace. The company employed the services of the top chemists in the automobile care industry, and together with these chemists, Polyshield Products Inc. engaged in extensive research, development, and field-testing of a wide range of polishes, polymers, and other automobile chemicals and formulations. As a result, Polyshield Products Inc. developed a revolutionary, non-wax, polymer-based vehicle polish that deeply adheres to the vehicle surface and delivers the longest lasting showroom shine and deep protection against road and environmental hazards, including oxidation and acid rain. Polyshield Products Inc. and their chemists then engaged in additional extensive research and development to create an exclusive line of the finest quality, upscale vehicle care detailing products in the world. The company’s objective has always been to manufacture and market products that would be of such high quality that they would be accepted as the industry-wide standard of excellence.

To promote the company’s products and to support the dealer and distributor network, Polyshield Products Inc. has been firmly committed to advertising and public relations campaigns.  To this end, the company has had projects at the GRAND PRIX in Monaco, LIME ROCK RACEWAY PARK in Connecticut, SPRINT CAR events, OFFSHORE BOAT RACING events, SHOW CAR events, and many other sporting events.  Polyshield employees have attended and continue to attend many small and major car shows throughout the United States.

Further demonstrating their commitment to providing the highest quality products, the company entered into the furniture care industry in 1992. Polyshield furniture care products have been featured in many retail furniture stores, on the hang tags of many leading manufacturers of finished furniture, and in many furniture manufacturing facilities. Polyshield furniture care products have been regarded throughout the furniture industry as the highest quality and top-of-the-line furniture products for cleaning, polishing, and protecting various types of furniture, including leather furniture, non-porous finished furniture, and upscale high-gloss lacquer furniture.

In 2011, Polyshield Products Inc. relocated to Florida and has been committed to expanding business operations and promoting enhanced products and services with a revamped management team.

Close-up of severely oxidized boat with almost no possibility of fixing 


Using painters tape to show how well Polyshield removes oxidation

Polyshield Detailing Products: Before and After Photos

2007 Chaparral SS240 Boat

                                             Before                                                                                                           Before

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Oxidation build-up over 5-years of salt water and direct sunlight