Directions for a Showroom Furniture Finish

(High-Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Lacquer, Finished, and Leather Furniture)

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Showroom Furniture Finish


High-gloss, Semi-gloss, Lacquer, and Finished Furniture (and high-gloss pianos):
Prepare your high-gloss, semi-gloss, and finished furniture by removing all surface dust. Then apply in linear motions a thin, even coat of Polyshield® Furniture Polish using a clean, cotton or microfiber cloth.  Polyshield® Furniture Polish is a non-abrasive, polymer-based polish that will remove swirl marks, fine scratches, fingerprints, and contamination, without damaging your furniture finish, and it will provide long-lasting, deep showroom shine and protection. You may use Polyshield® Furniture Polish on all non-porous finished furniture surfaces and lacquered finishes.  Once the polish dries, remove the polish residue haze with a clean, cotton or microfiber cloth, turning cloth frequently until all polish residue is removed. You will be rewarded with a glass-like, ultra-deep showroom finish.

Next, treat your furniture with Polyshield® X-Staticizing Anti-Static Dusting Spray to reduce the dust-attracting static charge and repel surface dust. Polyshield® X-Staticizing Anti-Static Dusting Spray also supplements the polymer protection of surfaces treated with Polyshield® Furniture Polish, enhancing the shine and increasing the ultraviolet protective coating. Maintain the dust repelling qualities of your furniture by periodically reapplying Polyshield® X-Staticizing Anti-Static Dusting Spray.

Do you want your furniture to have that look that is better than showroom finish? Do you want to obtain the deepest, shiniest, glass-like finish? If so, apply two or more applications of Polyshield® Furniture Polish. Polyshield® Furniture Polish will continue to adhere deeper, and the finish become more mirror-like, with each additional application. You will be amazed with the sleek, reflective shine of your Polyshield® treated furniture.

Leather and Vinyl Furniture:
Clean and prepare your leather and vinyl furniture using Polyshield® Leather and Vinyl Cleaner. Polyshield® Leather and Vinyl Cleaner will remove stubborn dirt and surface stains from all of your leather and vinyl products, and it will prepare your leather and vinyl furniture for Polyshield® Leather Life Dressing.  Next, apply Polyshield® Leather Life Dressing to increase softness and luster, protect against aging and cracking, and rejuvenate worn leather and vinyl. Polyshield® recommends applying Polyshield® Leather Life Dressing directly with your hands, massaging the product deeply into your leather and vinyl products.  You’ll be amazed at how your leather and vinyl furniture will maintain or regain new, luster showroom appearance.